Cottonclad Comics is devoted to traditional comic arts in the comic strip form. While the indie comics scene has revolutionized how ashcan and floppy comics are made and delivered, the comic strip has been sorely neglected. Webcomics have attempted to bring comic strips back into the public eye, but these are primarily digital creations. At Cottonclad Comics, we’re attempting to cultivate the craft of comic development primarily through traditional means. The format is largely in strip form, which was suited to the newspaper of yesteryear and to the blog of today.

The planned strips span a variety of genres, starting with superheroes in The Snake, then going into mystery-comedy with Percy Shriner, and then forward into other categories as we continue to develop our catalogue.

Please consider following us on our social media. We intend to update every week with a new strip.

Thank you for your interest in Cottonclad Comics!

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